What Is Anxiety All About?

What Is Anxiety All About?

Anxiety is a very serious problem that affects people all over the world.  They worry from the moment that they wake up until the time that they go to bed.  Depending on how serious their condition is, the person might worry more about problems pertaining to themselves, or about worldly issues that are affecting other people.  Either way, this is a draining process that can cause the person to age prematurely, have digestion problems, or suffer from lack of sleep.

The statistics for anxiety are certainly concerning.  So far, it has been estimated that close to 13% of people are suffering from anxiety.  This means that if you are in a room with 100 people, and you are suffering from anxiety, then there are 12 other people in the room with the same condition.

The most common misconception about this condition is that the afflicted suffers from the problem on a daily basis.  On the contrary, anxiety disorder is not associated with feelings that occur in normal situations.  Instead, it is a lasting condition that is mixed with large amounts of tension and feelings of worry without there being an issue present.

People with anxiety also have the continuous feeling that something bad is going to happen.  They feel as if they cannot relax and be happy about things going on around them because they are convinced that something is going to happen.  They might also get anxiety attacks if they feel like they are going to die.

When it comes to diagnosing anxiety, some of the common symptoms include feelings such as having a shortening of breath, complaints of sweats or chills, and the feeling of faintness.  Many patients first become aware of the issue after having a chest pain that can often be mistaken for a heart attack.  A racing heartbeat, dizziness, and upset stomach are other signs of anxiety attacks or conditions.  Many people are not aware that the symptoms listed above are associated with anxiety attacks.

Other feelings that are associated with anxiety are often felt in secret, from the inside of the body, and are the feelings of being on the edge while still having to pretend that the person is alright.  Keeping these feelings to themselves can cause the person to have trouble with their work performance or at home.  The most obvious sign that you or another person has a problem is the continuous feeling of being irritable.  This can cause other relationships to suffer in the process.

If you are suffering from anxiety, then it is important that you seek help.  The same applies if you know of someone with this condition.  By allowing yourself or your loved one to continue suffering, then you will be hurting yourself or that other person.  The good news is that treatment is available, but it will take a lot of effort to change.  If you have adequate health insurance, then you will have an easier time seeking psychological treatment.  There are also treatment programs for anxiety.  If you are looking for treatment online, be sure that you follow the recommendations from others and what treatment has worked for them.

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